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Sojourners’ Alliance: Charity Code 1479351

“The residents of cfd-sojourners-alliance-logo-350-250Moscow’s Sojourners’ Alliance spent the past two weeks chattering nervously about possible closure of the area’s only homeless shelter.

Worries began to merge after major structural damage from ongoing water leaks was discovered in two Sojourners’ buildings. Costs for the repairs are expected to be high for a facility that’s already running on a lean budget.” read more >>

Sojourners’ Alliance works toward a community vision of dignity and equality for all people. Their mission is to promote the personal growth, empowerment, and self-sufficiency of people in transition by providing decent housing affordable to low income persons, basic services, education in life and interpersonal skills, counseling, and opportunities for integration into the community. Sojourners’ Alliance provides congregate men and women’s facilities and six units for individual or family use.