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Washington State University CFD Benefits of Contributing

$2 for 12 months

Nonprofit Organizations and Communities Need Your Help

Today, most nonprofit organizations are experiencing an increased demand for their services and a decrease in financial contributions.

You can help by participating in the $2 for 12 months campaign.  All you need to do is increase your monthly payroll deduction by just $2 per month.

Not participating in the CFD yet?  No problem.  Sign up today and join the tens of thousands who are changing the world through their contributions, large and small.

$2 Per Month

  • Is turned into $8 worth of food
  • Provides food and blankets for a family of six in Iraq
  • Sends a child with epilepsy to a morning summer camp
  • Provides 1 hour of language interpretation
  • Pays for a session of speech therapy for a stroke survivor
  • Houses and feeds one adult for two days in an emergency shelter
  • Helps two women in Ecuador start a small business
  • Provides 15 basic meals in Kenya
  • Vaccinates an animal
  • Protects a child in Sudan from malaria by providing a life-saving mosquito net
  • Provides young musicians with 3 hours of rehearsal and coaching with a professional conductor
  • Enables a diabetic patient to purchase a 2-3 month supply of syringes
  • Buys heifers for two families in Ecuador, providing a source of milk and income
  • Helps to provide emergency medical supplies to aid 5,000 disaster victims for an entire month
  • And much more…

The Impact

1,000 Donors + $2 more/month =   $24,000 more per year

3,000 Donors + $2 more/month =   $72,000 more per year

6,000 Donors + $2 more/month = $144,000 more per year

10,000 Donors + $2 more/month = $240,000 more per year

If every donor currently enrolled in the CFD added just $2 more per month to their donation we would raise an additional $488,712 per year!