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Community Partner Spotlight
Humane Society of the Palouse: Charity Code 1479021

hsop_94x125The Humane Society of the Palouse (HSOP) has been in operation since 1978. HSOP is a no-kill shelter with the mission “to ensure the humane treatment, welfare and safety of companion animals in Moscow and Latah county” as well as “to prevent cruelty to animals, to ensure companion animals are adopted by responsible and caring owners, to promote spaying/neutering, to educate the public regarding responsible pet ownership, and to minimize euthanasia.”

While this mission is ambitious, HSOP has instituted a number of programs beneficial to the community to achieve their goals. Feral Cat Solutions (FCS) is a 049_229x172program set up to trap, sterilize and release feral cats in order to maintain and protect the wild cat population in the area. The Spay & Neuter Assistance Program helps low income individuals cover the costs of sterilizing pets to reduce pet overpopulation problems. Finally, the Feeding Assistance program offers donated cat and dog food to pet owners unable to feet their animals.

Currently, the Humane Society of the Palouse is seeking donations to cover the costs of kitten and puppy formula for several animals left in their care. To contribute to HSOP, click on the “Make a Donation” button below and search for this charity using the code listed at the top of this page.