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Washington State University CFD Member Agency Resources

Marketing Resources

Being registered with the Combined Fund Drive as a member agency does not guarantee you will receive funding through this program. It is important for you to make your agency and your agency’s membership in the CFD visible to potential donors to maximize your funding through this program. Below are instructions for downloading free marketing materials for your agency as well as simple ideas to promote your CFD membership.

Marketing materials will be available soon.

Send a note to and let us know you are interested in receiving them and we’ll let you know once they are available.

Your Visibility

Post the WSU CFD logo on your website with a link to and your charity code to provide potential donors with easy access.

Print your CFD charity code on all your promotional materials including postcards, brochures, posters, and other items.

Mention your inclusion in the CFD at all functions and events you host or participate in.

Learn about the CFD yourself so you can answer questions for potential donors.

Participate in all available WSU CFD events to maximize your visibility to potential donors.

Be creative! Unique ideas attract attention.